0060. Francisco Gamboa (1787-1845)

Jose Francisco Gamboa was the son of Pedro Jose Gamboa and Ana Maria de la Ascencion San Miguel. He was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon around the year 1787, then, as a young child, he moved with his family to the neighboring state of Tamaulipas, probably to a ranch near the town of Burgos. In 1807, at age 19, he married Maria Crisanta Sanchez, age 14, the daughter of Pablo de Jesus Sanchez and Maria Antonia de la Cruz. In his marriage record, he was described as “de calidad Yndio” — of Indian quality. And he was a “criado” — a servant or laborer — on the Rancho del Mulato, southwest of Burgos.

It is likely that the couple spent their entire adult lives working on the ranches in the area; their son Enocencio was decribed as being born c. 1825 at La Baqueria (aka Hacienda de Vaqueria, which is in the same area as both Animas and Mulato), and daughter Fecunda was married there in 1826. All of their known children died or were married in Burgos or Linares, the region’s major towns. By the time their last child Enocencio got married in 1845, both of his parents had already died, and he had lived in Linares since about 1837, a date which might correspond to the time of his last parent’s death.

Francisco and his wife Crisanta had two sons and two daughters who can be proven  through documents, with three other possible daughters who cannot. There are no existing baptismal records for Burgos before 1834; so no christening records for any of them has ever been found. Their children were:

Maria Dionisia Gamboa b. 26 July 1808 at Rancho del Mulato, Burgos, d. 3 Aug 1808 at Rancho del Mulato, Burgos. Parents named in her death record.

Maria Fecunda Gamboa b.c. 1809 in Burgos, m. (1) 12 Jun 1826 to Jose Tomas Gutierrez in Burgos, m. (2) 23 Apr 1832 to Jose Encarnacion Palacios in Burgos. Her parents were named in her first marriage record. By her first husband she at least one daughter:

  • Inosencia Gutierrez b. 1827-1831, m. 25 Jan 1853 to Trinidad Garcia in Burgos.

Jose Luis Gamboa b.c. 1812, m. 7 Feb 1837 to Maria Barbara Rodriguez in Burgos, d. bef 1859 probably in Matamoros, Tamps.. His parents were named in the christening records of his daughters in Matamoros. He had four documented children with at least two others probable:

  • Francisco Gamboa b.c. 1845 in San Fernando, Tamps., m. 11 Feb 1871 to Maria de los Angeles Munoz in San Fernando. Parents named in marriage record.
  • Andres Gamboa (possible) b. 5 Jun 1845, m.c. 1880 to Francisca Gamboa, d. 19 Jun 1933 in Edinburg, Hidalgo County, Texas
  • Maria Severa Gamboa (aka Silvestra) b.c. Feb 1858 in Matamoros, Tamps., m. bef. 1883 to Eluterio Cantu. Possible twin sister of Candida. Parents named in her christening record.
  • Maria Candida Gamboa b.c. Feb 1858 in Matamoros, Tamps., m. bef. 1881 to Miguel Espinosa. Possible twin sister of Severa. Parents named in her christening record.
  • Estefana Gamboa b.bef. 1862. Parents named in the 1878 christening record of her natural (out of wedlock) child, Francisca. She was also possibly the same person who married Desiderio Perales and had children with him in Reynosa just a few years after the birth of her out of wedlock child.
  • San Juana Gamboa (possible) b.bef. 1856, m.bef. 1871 to Candelario Medina, d.aft. 1930. There are no known documents directly connecting her with Luis & Barbara. However, she was living with her husband Candelario Medina in San Fernando, Tamps. in the 1930 Mexican census, and Luis is known to have at least one child who was born and later married in that town. Also a possible son Teodoro Medina married the daughter, Francisca, of possible brother Andres Gamboa, making them possible first cousins. And Teofilo later died in Edinburg, TX where documented descendants of Francisco Gamboa & Crisanta Sanchez lived.

Maria Antonia Gamboa (possible) b.c. 1817, m. (1) 27 Jan 1834 to Jose Guadalupe Cantu in Burgos, m. (2) 28 Feb 1847 to Asencio Alvarado in Burgos, d. 28 Feb 1847 at La Vaqueria, Burgos. Her parents are not named. She is placed in this family because she lived on the same ranch, La Vaqueria, as other children of Francisco. However, she would also fit chronologically with the family of Francisco’s brother Nicolas. She had at least four children:

  • Jose Nicolas Cantu b. December 1835, d. 26 Sep 1836 at La Vaqueria, Burgos, Tamps.. Parents named in death record.
  • Santana Cantu m. 10 May 1856 to Segundia Erevia in Burgos. Parents named in marriage record.
  • Maria Lug’a Cantu d. 25 Nov 1843 in La Vaqueria, Burgos, Tamps.. Parents named in death record.
  • Estevan Cantu d. 25 Feb 1845 in La Vaqueria, Burgos, Tamps.. Parents named in death record.

Maria Valentina Gamboa (possible) b.c 1822, m. 10 Jul 1840 to Torivio Perez in Burgos. Parents not named in any records. Possibly she is the same person who had an out of wedlock (natural) child named Catarina in 1861 in Burgos:

  • Catarina Gamboa b. 1861 in Burgos. Mother named in christening record.

Maria Carmen Gamboa (possible) b.c. 1828, m. 8 Oct 1844 to Teofilo Salas in Burgos. Parents not named in any records. Nothing else is known about her.

Enocencio Gamboa b.c. 1825 at La Vaqueria, Burgos, m. 19 May 1845 to Maria Antonia Car in Linares, N.L.. Parents named in his marriage record. He had five known children:

  • Francisca Gamboa b. 15 Feb 1850, m. 1880-1884 to Andres Gamboa her probable first cousin (see above), d. 26 Sep 1941 in Edinburg, Texas. Parents named in her death certificate.
  • Eugenio Gamboa b. 1850 in Linares.
  • Susana Gamboa b. 23 Mar 1850, m. bef. 1871 to Jesus Juarez, d. 3 Apr 1930 in Gonzales County, Texas. Her parents are named in the 1874 Matamoros christening record of her daughter Guadalupe.
  • Maria Yldefonsa Gamboa b.c. 1860, m. (1) bef. 1878 to Catarino Rosales, m. (2) bef. 1882 to Crispin Hernandez, d. 28 Sep 1960 in Corpus Cristi, Texas. Her parents were named in the christening record of her daughter Candelaria Hernanez.
  • Romualdo Gamboa b. 1866 in Matamoros, possibly the person who m. 25 Nov 1885 in Cameron County, TX to Rosa Castillo, d. aft. 1930. Parents named in his christening record.

Documents mentioning Francisco Gamboa

1807His own marriage record to Crisanta Sanchez in Burgos, Tamps.. Names their parents and also gives their ages, races, places of birth, and current places of residence.

1808Death record of daughter Maria Dionisia Gamboa in Burgos, Tamps.. Names her parents.

1826Marriage record of daughter Maria Fecunda Gamboa in Burgos, Tamps.. Names her parents but does not describe either of them as deceased.

1845Marriage record of son Enoncencio Gamboa in Linares, N.L.. Names his parents and describes them as deceased.

1858Christening records of granddaughters Maria Severa Gamboa and her sister Maria Candida Gamboa in Matamoros, Tamps.. Names their parents and grandparents.

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