Ahentafel (Maternal)

This ahentafel is for my maternal ancestors who were from Hidalgo Co., Texas and northern Mexico, primarily the states of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon. Research on these families is still very much in progress, and this page will be (slowly) updated whenever new connections are made. Names in bold are known to be accurate through documentation or a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. Those names not in bold are considered possible but unproven. If a name is linked, it leads to a page dedicated to that individual’s information.

1st Generation – 1 of 1 ancestors known, (100%)

1. My mother

2nd Generation – 2 of 2 ancestors known, (100%)

2. Guadalupe Valenzuela (Hidalgo Co., TX)
3. Andrea Serda (Hidalgo Co., TX)

3rd Generation – 4 of 4 ancestors known, (100%)

4. Martin Valenzuela (Hidalgo Co., TX)
5. Estefana Valdez (Hidalgo Co., TX)
6. Paulino Serda (Hidalgo Co., TX)
7. Santos Gamboa (Hidalgo Co., TX)

4th Generation – 8 of 8 ancestors known, (100%)

08. Toribio Valenzuela (Reynosa & Matamoros, Tamps.)
09. Josefa Cantu (Reynosa & Matamoros, Tamps.)
10. Esteban Valdez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
11. Matilde Cantu (Reynosa, Tamps.)
12. Donaciano Serda (Hidalgo Co., TX)
13. Lorenza Ruiz (Hidalgo Co., TX)
14. Andres Gamboa (Hidalgo Co., TX)
15. Francisca Gamboa (Hidalgo Co., TX)

5th Generation – 15 of 16 ancestors known, (94%)

16. Antonio Sirildo Valenzuela ((Matamoros, Tamps.)
17. Ysidora (Desideria) Alvarado (Matamoros, Tamps.)
18. unknown Balli (Matamoros, Tamps.)
19. Calixta Cantu (Matamoros, Tamps.)
20. Toribio Valdez (Matamoros, Tamps.)
21. Felipa Sepeda (Matamoros, Tamps.)
22. Fortino Cantu (China, NL)
23. Mariana Contreras (China, NL)
24. Esteban Serda (Reynosa, Tamps.)
25. Francisca Ruiz (Hidalgo Co., TX)
26. Secundo Ruiz (Reynosa, Tamps.)
27. Estefana Villarreal (Hidalgo Co., TX)
28. Luis Gamboa (San Fernando, Tamps.)
29. Barbara Rodriguez (San Fernando, Tamps.)
30. Enocencio Gamboa (Linares, NL)
31. Maria Antocia Car (Linares, NL)

6th Generation – 24 of 26* ancestors known, (92%)

32. Salvador Sirildo (Valle de Tlaltenango, Zacatecas)
33. Juana Maria Basaldua (Valle de Tlaltenango, Zacatecas)
34. Jose Joaquin Alvarado (Galeana, NL)
35. Lorenza Luciana Frausto (Galeana, NL)
38. Jose Francisco Cantu (Reynosa, Tamps.)
39. Juana Rodriguez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
40. Manuel Valdez (Matamoros, Tamps.)
41. Encarnacion Villarreal (Matamoros, Tamps.)
42. Bacilio Sepeda (Matamoros, Tamps.)
43. Ursula Lugo (Matamoros, Tamps.)
44. Juan Jose Cantu Garza (China, NL)
45. Timotea Gonzalez (China, NL)
46. Pantaleon Contreras (China, NL)
47. Gertrudis Lopez (China, NL)
48. Jose Maria Serda (General Teran, NL)
49. Josefa Rios (General Teran, NL)
50. Ignacio Ruiz, a.k.a. Castaneda (Reynosa, Tamps.)
51. Ana Maria de la Merced Zamora (Reynosa, Tamps.)
52. Ignacio Ruiz, a.k.a. Castaneda (Reynosa, Tamps.)
53. Ana Maria de la Merced Zamora (Reynosa, Tamps.)
54. Jose Maria Villarreal (Reynosa, Tamps.)
55. Cesaria Salazar (Hidalgo Co., TX)
56. Francisco Gamboa (Burgos, Tamps.)
57. Crisanta Sanchez (Burgos, Tamps.)
58. Bartolome Rodriguez (Burgos, Tamps.)
59. Luisa Severaiana Martinez (Burgos, Tamps.)
60. Francisco Gamboa (Burgos, Tamps.)
61. Crisanta Sanchez (Burgos, Tamps.)
62. Enrique Car (Burgos, Tamps.)
63. Antonia Mireles (Burgos, Tamps.)

7th Generation

70. Francisco Frausto (Leon, Gto.)
71. Anna Gertrudis (Leon, Gto..)
80. Felipe Valdez (Camargo, Tamps.)
81. Rosalia Farias (Camargo, Tamps.)
82. Anastacio Villarreal (Camargo, Tamps.)
83. Josefa Rubio (Camargo, Tamps.)
84. Augustin Olayo Sepeda (Moctezuma, SLP)
85. Feliciana Aleman aka Lopes (Moctezuma, SLP)
86. Luis Lugo (Moctezuma, SLP)
87. Ana Maria (Mariana) Guadalupe Serda (Moctezuma, SLP)
88. possibly Jose Antonio Cantu (unproven)
89. Maria Marta de la Garza (China, NL)
90. Felipe Gonzalez (China, NL)
91. Juliana Chapa (China, NL)
92. Policarpio Contreras (China, NL)
93. Maria Yldefonsa Martinez (China, NL)
94. Alvino Lopez (China, NL)
95. Agustina Solis (China, NL)
96. Jose Francisco Serda (Montemorelos, NL)
97. Guadalupe Serna (Montemorelos, NL)
98. Francisco Rios (Montemorelos, NL)
99. Cayetana Cano (Montemorelos, NL)
100. Juan Jose Castaneda (Reynosa, Tamps.)
101. Juliana Flores (Reynosa, Tamps.)
102. Christobal Xavier Zamora (Reynosa, Tamps.)
103. Cayetana Perez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
104. Juan Jose Castaneda (Reynosa, Tamps.)
105. Juliana Flores (Reynosa, Tamps.)
106. Christobal Xavier Zamora (Reynosa, Tamps.)
107. Cayetana Perez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
108. Sebastian Villarreal (Reynosa, Tamps.)
109. Ignacia Garcia (Reynosa, Tamps.)
110. Antonio Salazar (Reynosa, Tamps.)
111. Juliana Gutierrez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
112. Pedro Jose Gamboa (Burgos, Tamps.)
113. Ana Maria San Miguel (Burgos, Tamps.)
114. Pablo de Jesus Sanchez (Burgos, Tamps.)
115. Maria Antonia de la Cruz (Burgos, Tamps.)
118. Nicolas Martinez (unproven)
119. Petra Pulido (unproven)
120. Pedro Jose Gamboa (Burgos, Tamps.)
121. Ana Maria San Miguel (Burgos, Tamps.)
122. Pablo de Jesus Sanchez (Montemorelos, NL)
123. Maria Antonia de la Cruz (Montemorelos, NL)
126. Francisco Antonio Mireles (unproven)
127. Antonia Anastacia Hinojosa (unproven)

8th Generation

140. Asencio Frausto (Leon, Gto.)
141. Gertrudis de los Reyes (Leon, Gto.)
162. Francisco Ygnacio Farias (Camargo, Tamps.)
163. Juana Barrera (Camargo, Tamps.)
164. Andres Villarreal (Camargo, Tamps.)
165. Francisca (Antonia) de los Santos (Camargo, Tamps.)
166. Juan Ygnacio Ramon Rubio (Reynosa, Tamps.)
167. Juana Bautista Mendez (Reynosa, Tamps.)
168. Juan de Sepeda (Llano de San Ysidro)
169. Maria Mauricia (Llano de san Ysidro)
170. Augustin Lopes de la Rosa (Venado, SLP)
171. Antonia Bacilia de Sifuentes (Venado, SLP)
172. Hermenegildo Tiburcio Lugo (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
173. Juana Maria (Santa Maria del Rios, SLP)
174. Juan Leocadio de la Serda (Moctezuma, SLP)
175. Maria Manuela Aleman (Moctezuma, SLP)
176. Vicente Cantu (unproven)
177. Maria Nicolasa Quintanilla (unproven)
178. Pedro Jose de la Garza (Cerralvo, NL)
179. Maria de los Santos Alvarado (Cerralvo, NL)
180. Juan Angel Gonzalez Hidalgo (China, NL)
181. Catarina Cantu (China, NL)
182. Vicente Chapa (China, NL)
183. Nasaria Cortes (China, NL)
188. Antonio Lopez (Cadereyta, NL)
189. Gertrudis Pena (Cadereyta, NL)
190. Patricio Solis (Cerralvo, NL)
191. Maria Juana de Alanis (Cerralvo, NL)
194. Lorenzo Serna (unproven)
195. Maria Gertrudis Lopez (unproven)
196. Jose Francisco Rios (Montemorelos, NL)
197. Rosa Rendon (Montemorelos, NL)
198. Pedro Cano (Montemorelos, NL)
199. Tomasa de los Reyes (Montemorelos, NL)
228. Blas Sanches (Montemorelos, NL; Venado, SLP)
229. Maria de la Acencion Hernandez (Venado, SLP)
230. Pedro Jose de la Cruz (Camargo, Tamps.)
231. Ana de Santiago Moreno (Camargo, Tamps.)
238. Guillermo Pulido (unproven)
239. Paula Francisca Florencia Rodriguez (unproven)
244. Blas Sanchez (Venado, SLP)
245. Maria de la Acencion Hernandez (Venado, SLP)
246. Pedro Jose de la Cruz (Montemorelos, NL)
247. Maria de Santiago Moreno (Montemorelos, NL)

9th Generation

338. Juan de Soto (Venado, SLP)
339. Elvira de la Trinidad (Venado, SLP)
340. Juan Lopes (Charcas, SLP)
341. Gertrudis de la Rosa (Charcas, SLP)
342. Antonio de Sifuentes (Venado, SLP)
343. Maria Rosa Beltran (Venado, SLP)
344. Marcos de Jesus (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
345. Maria Francisca (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
346. Lorenzo de Santiago (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
347. Geronima Maria Cervantes (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
348. Ascencio de la Cruz (Venado, SLP)
349. Juana de la Serda (Venado, SLP)
351. Josefa Gertrudis (Venado, SLP)
352. Jose Antonio Cantu (unproven)
353. Ana Maria Salinas Morones (unproven)
354.Miguel Gonzalez de Quintanilla (unproven)
355. Maria Susana Cantu (unproven)
356. Cristobal de la Garza (Salinas Victoria, NL)
357. Andrea Martinez (Salinas Victoria, NL)
358. Jose Asensio Alvarado (San Vicente, NL)
359. Gertrudis Rivera (San Vicente, NL)
362. Miguel Cantu (Nuevo Leon)
363. Nasaria Puente (Nuevo Leon)
364. Abitto Jose Chapa
365. Maria Ygnacia Serna
366. Juan Jose Cortes (Cadereyta, NL)
367. Manuela Rodriguez (Cadereyta, NL)
380. Santiago Solis (Cerralvo, NL)
381. Catarina Garcia (Cerralvo, NL)
382. Tadeo de Alanis (Paso de Zacate, Cerralvo, NL)
383. Maria Josefa Maldonado (Paso de Zacate, Cerralvo, NL)
392. Cristobal de los Rios (Cadereyta, NL)
393. Ana de Leon (Cadereyta, NL)
394. Juan Rendon
395. Maria Josefa Vega

10th Generation

676. Andres de Sotonegro esclabo” (Venado, SLP)
677. Marta de la Cruz (Venado, SLP)
684. Juan de Sifuentes (Puesto de Epazote)
685. Maria Jimenez (Puesto de Epazote)
686. Diego Beltran (unproven )
692. Melchora de los Reyes Sanchez (unproven)
692. Juan Nicolas (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
693. Antonia de la Trinidad (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
694. Miguel Cervantes (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
695. Maria de la Candelaria (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
760. Ygnacio Solis (Paso de Zacate, Cerralvo, NL)
761. Nicolasa Garza aka Botello (Paso de Zacate, Cerralvo, NL)
762. Felipe Garcia (Cerralvo, NL)
763. Eusebia Gonzalez (Cerralvo, NL)
764. Miguel de Alanis (Nuevo Leon)
765. Antonia Vela (Cerralvo, NL)
784. Francisco de los Rios (unproven)
785. Petronila Lopez (unproven)
788. Jose Sanchez (unproven)

11th Generation

1372. Pedro Beltran (unproven)
1373. Juana de Bonilla (unproven)
1374. Jose de Velasco (unproven)
1375. Catalina Rodriguez (unproven)
1384. Blas de Rivera (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1385. Maria Vasquez,india Otomi” (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1386. Hipolito Gabriel (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1387. Elena de la Cruz, Guachichile” (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1388. Phelipe de Cervantes (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1389. Juana de Torres (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
1520. Blas Solis
1521. Ramona Garza
1522. Pedro Botello de la Garza
1523. Juana Rangel
1524. Jose de Jesus Garcia
1525. Maria Josefa Longoria
1526. Jose Maria Gonzalez
1527. Maria Botello
1528. Jose de Alanis
1529. Maria Rodriguez de Montemayor
1530. Salvador Vela (Cerralvo, NL)
1531. Agueda Longoria (Cerralvo, NL)
1576. Francisco Sanchez de la Barrera (unproven)
1577. Maria Duran de Uzcanga (unproven)

12th Generation

2768. Pablo de Rivera (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
2769. Ana Maria (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
2770. Diego Martin,Otomi” (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
2771. Maria Magdalena,Otomi” (Santa Maria del Rio, SLP)
2776. Juan Agustin Cervantes (Villa de Reyes, SLP)
2777. Maria de los Reyes (Villa de Reyes, SLP)
3042. Blas Garza
3044. Francisco Botello de Morales
3045. Juana de la Garza
3048. Juan Miguel Garcia
3049. Maria Josefa Lopez
3050. Jose Vicente Longoria
3051. Maria Francisca de la Garza
3056. Miguel de Alanis
3057. Maria de la Rosa
3058. Juan Rodriguez de Montemayor
3059. Antonia Galvan
3060. Francisco Vela
3061. Francisca Olivares
3062. Juan Diego Longoria Garcia
3063. Clara Chapa Baez Benevides
3152. Juan Sanchez de Ortega (unproven)
3153. Juana Maria Marquez de la Barrera (unproven)
3154. Antonio Duran de Uzcanga (unproven)
3155. Catarina Trevino de Ayala (unproven)

13th Generation

5554. Juan Rodriguez (Armadillo de los Infante, SLP)
5555. Ana de Reina (Armadillo de los Infante, SLP)
6088. Pedro Botello de Morales (Extremedura, Spain)
6090. Marcos Alonso de la Garza Trevino
6091. Catalina Martinez Guajardo
6096. Francisco Garcia Salinas (Monterrey, NL)
6097. Maria Gertrudis Martinez Guajardo
6098. Juan Bautista Lopez de Jaen
6099. Josefa de Jesus Lopez Bermudez
6100. Juan Diego Longoria Garcia
6101. Clara Chapa Baez de Benavides
6124. Pedro Longoria Rodriguez
6125. Agustina Garcia de Quintanilla

14th Generation

12180. Marcos Alonso de la Garza y Arcon (Lepe, Spain)
12181. Juana de Trevino Quintanilla
12182. Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo (Saltillo, Coa.)
12183. Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro (Saltillo, Coa.)
12192. Juan Garcia (Monterrey, NL)
12193. Luisa de Benavides (Monterresy, NL)
12194. Jose Martinez Guajardo (Monterrey, NL)
12195. Margerita Gertrudis Gutierrez de Castro
12196. Juan Francisco Lopez de Jaen
12197. Micaela Rivera
12198. Juan Bautista Lopez de Jaen
12199. Josefa de Jesus Bermudez
12200. Pedro Longoria
12201. Agustin Garcia de Quintanilla
12202. Nicolas Chapa
12203. Ines Baez de Benavides

15th Generation

24360. Marcos Alonso de Arcon (Lepe, Spain)
24361. Constanza de la Garza (Spain)
24362. Diego de Trevino (Spain)
24363. Beatriz de Quintanilla
24366. Juan Navarro (Navarre, Spain)
24367. Maria Rodriguez de Sosa (Saltillo)
24384. Pedro Garcia Gutierrez
24386. Francisco Baez de Benavides (Tenerife, Spain)
24387. Isabel Martinez Guajardo (Monterrey, NL)
24388. Joseph Martinez Guajardo (Monterrey, NL)
24389. Nicolasa de la Garza (Monterrey, NL)
24390. Diego Gutierrez de Castro
24391. Gertrudis de la Garza
24392. Miguel Lopez de Jaen
24393. Magdalena de Avila
24400. Lorenzo Longoria Salazar
24401. Antonia Rodriguez
24402. Diego Garcia de Quintanilla
24403. Mariana Saldivar de Sosa
24404. Juan Bautista Chapa (Genoa, Italy)
24405. Beatriz de Olivares
24406. Francisco Baez de Benavides
24407. Clara Flores de la Cerda

16th Generation

48720. Juan Alonso de Sosa y Cabrera
48721. Ana Estrada de la Caballeria
48722. Herman de la Garza (Spain)
48723. Beatriz Nunuz (Spain)
48724. Diego Velasquez de Tremino (Spain)
48725. Francisca de Alcocer (Spain)
48726. Bartolome de Quintanilla (Spain)
48727. Juliana Farias (Spain)
48732. Juan Navarro (Navarre, Spain)
48733. Maria Rodriguez
48734. Baltazar de Sosa (Portugal)
48735. Ines Rodriguez (Saltillo, Coa.)
48772. Gonzalo Baez de Benavides (Spain)
48773. Marta Lopez (Spain)
48774. Francisco Martinez Guajardo (Saltillo, Coa.)
48775. Ursula Ines Catalina Navarro (Saltillo, Coa.)
48776. Lorenzo Martinez Guajardo
48777. Ildefonsa Flores de Valdez
48778. Pedro de la Garza
48779. Maria Lucia de la Rocha
48800. Lorenzo Longoria Suarez (Asturias, Spain)
48801. Ana de Salazar
48802. Fernando Perez
48803. Andrea Rodriguez
48804. Lucas Garcia Rodriguez
48805. Juliana de Quintanilla
48806. Vicente Saldivar y Reza
48807. Maria de Farias Sosa
48808. Bartolome Schiapapria (Genoa, Italy)
48809. Batista Badi (Genoa, Italy)
48810. Juan de Olivares
48811. Juana de Trevino
48812. Francisco Baez de Benavides (Tenerife, Spain)
48813. Isabel Martinez Guajardo
48814. Bernabe Flores de Abrego
48815. Josefa de la Cerda

17th Generation

97440. Lope de Sosa y Mesa (Canary Islands)
97441. Ines Cabrera (Canary Islands)
97442. Alonso de Estrada (Spain, Mexico)
97442. Mariana Gutierrez de la Caballeria (Spain, Mexico)
97470. Diego de Montemayor (Malaga, Spain)
97471. Ines Rodriguez
97550. Juan Navarro (Saltillo, Coa.)
97551. Maria Rodriguez de Sosa (Saltillo, Coa.)
97552. Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo (Saltillo, Coa.)
97553. Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro (Saltillo, Coa.)
97554. Rodrigo Flores de Valdez (Asturias, Spain)
97555. Maria Isabela Salazar
97556. Pedro de la Garza Falcon (Nuevo Leon)
97557. Maria Ines Martinez Guajardo
97558. Juan de la Rocha
97559. Juana Robles
97600. Alonso Longoria de la Pontinga (Spain)
97601. Ines de Valdes
97602. Pedro de Salazar (Asturias, Spain)
97603. Maria Isabel de Quintanilla
97608. Baltazar de Sosa (Portugal)
97609. Ines Rodriguez
97610. Juan de Farias (Mazapil)
97611. Maria Trevino Quintanilla
97612. Juan Guerra de Reza
97613. Ana Mendoza y Saldivar
97614. Alonso de Farias
97615. Ana de Sosa
97622. Jose de Trevino Quintanilla
97623. Sebastiana Garica Carrasco
97624. Gonzalo Baez de Benavides
97625. Marta Lopez
97626. Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo
97627. Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro
97630. Diego Fernandez de Castro
97631. Ana Maria de la Cerda

18th Generation

194884. King Ferdinand II of Aragon (reputedly)
194885. Luisa de Estrada (Spain)
194886. Juan de la Caballeria y Luna (Spain)
194887. Mayor Flores de Guevara (Spain)
195101. Maria Rodriguez
195106. Juan Navarro (Navarre, Spain)
195107. Maria Rodriguez de Sosa (Saltillo, Coa.)
195108. Juan Alvaro Flores de Valdez (Asturias, Spain)
195109. Alfonsa Carballo (Asturias, Spain)
195110. Pedro de Salazar (Asturias, Spain)
195111. Maria Isabel de Quintanilla
195112. Marcos Alonso de la Garza y Arcon
195113. Juana de Trevino Quintanilla
195114. Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo
195115. Ursula Ines Catarina Navarro
195116. Rodrigo Lopez de la Rocha
195117. Mariana de Avila
195206. Diego de Trevino (Spain)
195207. Beatriz de Quintanilla
195218. Diego de Montemayor
195219. Ines Rodriguez
195220. Juan de Farias
195222. Diego de Trevino
195223. Beatriz de Quintanilla
195224. Juan de Reza
195226. Vicente de Saldivar
195227. Magdalena de Mendoza y Salazar
195228. Juan de Farias
195229. Maria Trevino Quintanilla
195230. Alonso de Sosa Albornoz
195231. Beatriz Navarro Rodriguez
195244. Diego de Trevino
195245. Beatriz de Quintanilla
195254. Juan Navarro 195255. Maria Rodriguez de Sosa11Beatriz de QuintanillaBeatriz de Quintanilla

19th Generation

48722. Herman de la Garza (Spain)
390212. Juan Navarro (Navarre, Spain)
390213. Maria Rodriguez
390214. Baltazar de Sosa (Portugal)
390215. Ines Rodriguez
390222. Diego de Trevino (Spain)
390223. Beatriz de Quintanilla
390414. Bartolome de Quintanilla
390415. Juliana Farias
390452. Ruy Diaz de Saldivar
390453. Maria Perez de Onate
390454. Ruy Diaz de Mendoza (Granada, Spain)
390455. Catalina de Salazar
390456. Juan de Farias
390458. Diego de Trevino
390459. Beatriz de Quintanilla
390460. Francisco de Sosa Albornoz (Toledo, Spain)
390461. Ines Tapia Sosa
390462. Juan Navarro
390463. Maria Rodriguez de Sosa
390490. Bartolome de Quintanilla
390491. Juliana FariasBeatriz Navarro Rodriguez

20th Generation

780430. Diego de Montemayor (Malaga, Spain)
780431. Ines Rodriguez
780446. Bartolome de Quintanilla (Spain)
780447. Juliana Farias
780906. Juan Perez de Onate
780907. Osana Gonzalez
780908. Ruy Diaz de Mendoza, 6th Señor de Moron
780909. Catalina Arellano del Rio
780910. Gonzalo “El Gordo”de Salazar (Granada, Spain)
780911. Catalina de Cadena
780918. Bartolome de Quintanilla
780919. Juliana Farias
780922. Andres de Tapia (Medellin, Spain)
780923. Ines de Sosa
780924. Juan Navarro (Navarro, Spain)
780925. Maria Rodriguez
780926. Baltazar de Sosa
780927. Ines Rodriguez

21st Generation

1561854. Diego de Montemayor (Malaga, Spain)
1561855. Ines Rodriguez

Please be aware that many ancestors from well-researched Español families are taken, without additional investigation, from commonly-cited online genealogies, including most individuals past the 12th generation.

* There is the potential for more ancestors in this generation. However, certain individuals appear multiple times, but I have counted them only once. These intermarriages also reduce the possible number of ancestors in earlier generations as well.

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  1. Great work. How did you get all this data on line? I did find some of my family in your records. I am not sure how to publish my information and your way looks great. I have Cantu, Serna, de Leon etc in my family. Starr county is what drew me to your site, my husbands Gonzalez and Flores line were in that area and in Duval County. Good Look.
    Dahlia from Simi Valley California

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