Toribia & Jesusa Serda

Have you come across Toribia and Jesusa Cerda, both sisters, who married Cornelio Ochoa? Sure would like to know their parents’ names. Really enjoyed what you’ve written.”

My reply:

Toribia and Jesusa were both the daughters of Esteban Serda & Francisca Ruiz, who probably lived in what is now Hidalgo County, Texas. Their marriage and the births of their children were recorded in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, which was just across the river, and at the time had the nearest church.

Toribia was christened in Reynosa on May 4th, 1836, and her parents were named in the record. She was probably already more than a year old based on her 1851 marriage record (previous post), which shows that she was married twice, first to Pedro Serda, her first cousin, then later to Nasario Ochoa. Her marriage to Pedro did not last very long, not much more than 10 years, since she was already having children with Nasario by the mid 1860s. She was living with Nasario in the 1870 census of Hidalgo County, then they legally married on March 9th, 1871 in nearby Starr County. They were found in the census together as late as 1910. I believe that Nasario was the son of Tomas Ochoa & Rafaela Zamora, and the brother of Cornelio Ochoa, the husband of Toribia’s sister.

Jesusa Serda was christened in Reynosa on December 20th, 1846, and her parents were named in the record. Her name was given as “Maria de Jesus.” The next mention of her in any record that I have found is in the 1880 census, when she was living with Cornelio and described as his wife. However, they did not legally marry in Texas until January 3rd, 1884. There were children in the home in 1880 that could easily have been Jesusa’s, and given that she would already have been in her mid-30s, she had probably been together with Cornelio and having children for some time. Jesusa seems to have lived her whole life in Hidalgo County, appearing in every census until 1920.

Because the original baptismal records of Reynosa were stolen and have since disappeared entirely, the birth information I have given comes from an index of a handwritten copy by an attorney early in the 20th Century. I do not have access to the actual copy, though it is available for viewing in Edinburg, Austin, and other libraries around Texas.

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