Serna – All General Teran Christenings, 1770-1830

The following is a list copied from of all Serna christenings in General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico from 1770 to 1830. (These years are all on LDS film # 1389162 & batch C646441 .) I have left the names as they were given in the IGI but listed children under the names of parents and given other information if I knew any. I will eventually indicate whether I have viewed the microfilm of the record, and also whether it has been transcribed somewhere on this blog. (Find the record using the search box. Searching for the date or year seems to work well.)

NOTE: Many of the fathers mentioned below are the sons or grandsons of Salvador Serna (with Ana Maria de la Garza) or Francisco Xavier Serna (with Ana Petra de Leon). Both of these men were sons of Francisco de la Serna & Clara Garcia Davila of Vallecillo. All other Sernas found in Montemorelos or General Teran are the right age to be descendants of the two brothers mentioned above, and so far I have seen nothing that contradicts the idea that they were.

Jose Maria Serna & Maria del Refugio de la Cruz

15 SEP 1777
Maria Regina – Female

(Jose Maria was the son of Francisco Xavier Serna & Ana Petra de Leon)

Jose Francisco Serna & Maria Anastacia de Leon

07 DEC 1783
Joseph Felix – Male

(This couple is probably not the same as F.X Serna & Ana de Leon based on the ages of that couple’s children vs this record.)

Jose de la Serda & Maria Matilde Rodriguez

30 DEC 1787
Anna Dominga – Female

Christobal Serna & Yrene Cantu

07 FEB 1791
Maria Francisca – Female

(Christobal was possibly the son of Francisco Xavier Serna & Ana Petra de Leon)

Juan Bauptista Serna & Cadelaria Cano

23 FEB 1787
Joseph Antonio – Male

25 APR 1785
Maria Gertrudis Tiburcia – Female

(Juan Bauptista’s parents have not been discovered. Candelaria was the daughter of Pedro Cano & Thomasa de los Reyes, who were my ancestors. She was Juan Bauptista’s third wife, but I know of only one other child for him before than the daughter above and two sons listed below. She was Maria de Jesus Serna, baptised in Montemorelos in 1777, daughter of second wife Maria Lusgarda Esparsa.)

Jose Antonio Serna & Viviana Munos

14 AUG 1814
Jose Abaristo – Male

(Antonio was the son of Juan Bauptista Serna & Cadelario Cano above.)

Jose Julian Serna & Maria Gertrudis Munis

31 JAN 1805
Maria Rafaela – Female

16 OCT 1811
Maria Del Pilar – Female

28 DEC 1813
Jose Marcos – Male

(Julian was the son of Juan Bauptista Serna & Maria Candelaria Cano above. He was christened in Montemorelos.)

Jose Bernardino _____ & Maria Anselma Serna

28 JUN 1806
Jose Antonio – Male

Jose Miguel Serna & Maria Josefa Ansaldua (aka Ansualda, Ansalva)

01 SEP 1778
Joseph Milian – Male

25 JUL 1781
Maria Dolores – Female

27 DEC 1784
Jose Faustino – Male

14 NOV 1789
Maria De Los Santos – Female

19 MAR 1787
Maria Gregoria – Female

04 OCT 1792
Jose Ciprian – Male

(Jose Miguel was the son of Jose Salvador de la Serna & Ana Maria de la Garza)

Jose Valerio Serna & Maria de Arrebalo

06 DEC 1775
Joseph Thomas – Male

(Other children born to couple & christened in Montemorelos include Rita b. 1778)

(Valerio was the son of Jose Salvador de la Serna & Ana Maria de la Garza)

Jose Thomas Serna & Maria Catharina de la Garza (aka Cruz, aka Relles)

23 JAN 1802
Maria Gertrudis – Female

15 APR 1803
Maria Rosalia – Female

09 NOV 1806
Maria Del Carmel – Female

16 AUG 1809
Maria Gertrudis – Female

03 APR 1812
Guadalupe – Female

19 SEP 1814
Jose Yanuario De La Cruz – Male

(Tomas was possibly the son of Jose Valerio Serna & Maria de Arrebalo above.)

Clemente Serna & Maria Ylaria Chabes (aka Fuentes)

05 JUN 1812
Maria Petra – Female

04 NOV 1820
Jose De Los Santos – Male

Juan Antonio Serna & Maria Lugarda Garcia

24 AUG 1820
Josefa – Female

Antonio Serna & Maria Gertrudis Ramos

06 JUN 1825
Jose Luciano – Male

Antonio Serna & Maria Sipriana Guzman

26 MAY 1829
Jose Epitacio – Male


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