1870 Hidalgo Co, TX Census Images

I’ve downloaded and cropped images from the 1870 census of Hidalgo County, Texas for the following individuals.

My ancestors Francisca Ruiz Serda, including son Donaciano Serda
1870 Francisca Serda

Possibly my ancestor Cesaria Salazar Villareal
1870 Cesaria Villareal

Blas Ruiz, probable brother of my anacestor Lorenza Ruiz Serda
1870 Blas Ruiz

Narario Ochoa, probable brother-in-law of Donaciano Serda (includes Demetrio Ruiz)
1870 Nasario Ochoa

Possible relations:

Francisco Ruis & family
1870 Francisco Ruis

Juana Ruis & Antonio Ruis & family (also Manuel Villareal & family)
1870 Antonio Ruiz

Julian Ruiz & family
1870 Julian Ruiz

Ramon Serda & wife Eligia
1870 Ramon Serda


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