Ancestors of Donaciano Serda

In just the last six months, I have uncovered many generations of the ancestors of Donaciano Serda, grandfather of my grandmother, all with excellent documentation. Just for the sake of connecting to other researchers who are looking, here is my Serda line:

Jose Francisco Serda + Maria Guadalupe Serna
(Montemorelos, NL)
Jose Maria Serda + Maria Josefa Rios
(Montemorelos – General Teran, NL)
Jose Esteban Serda + Francisca Ruiz
(General Teran, NL – Reynosa, Tamps.)
Donaciano Serda + Lorenza Ruiz
(Reynosa, Tamps. – Hidalgo Co., TX)
Paulino Serda + Santos Gamboa
(Hidalgo Co., TX)
Andrea Serda (my grandmother)
(Hidalgo Co., TX)

My Rios line:

Jose Francisco Rios + Rosa Rendon
(Montemorelos, NL)
Jose Francisco Rios + Maria Calletana Cano
(Montemorelos, NL)
Maria Josefa Rios (m J.M. Serda above)

My Cano line:

Pedro Cano + Maria Tomasa de los Reyes
(Cadereyta, NL – Montemorelos, NL)
Maria Calletana Cano (m J.F. Rios above)

My two Ruiz lines:

Ignacio Ruiz + Anna Maria Zamora
(Reynosa, Tamps.)
Francisca Ruiz (m. J.E. Serda above)


Ignacio Ruiz + Anna Maria Zamora
(Reynosa, Tamps.)
Secundo Ruiz + Estefana Villareal Salazar
Lorenza Ruiz (m Donaciano Serda)


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  1. For anyone interested, the parents of Estefana Villareal Salazar were Jose Maria Villareal & Cesaria Salazar. The Parents of Jose Maria Villareal were Sebastian Villareal & Maria Ignacia Garcia. The parents of Maria Cesaria Salazar were J. Antonio Salazar & Juliana “Bitunes” (actual name is unclear).

    At this time, I do not know any more of Lorenza Ruiz’s ancestors other than those given on this page, but the ones here are fully supported with documentation, which I will eventually post online as time allows.

  2. I have posted scanned images of baptismal records for Jose Esteban Serda and his brother Bonifasio in General Teran, NL. Both records name their parents AND grandparents. So they serve as documentary proof of three generations of Donaciano’s ancestors. I have also transcribed the documents to the best of my ability, though I have not translated them from Spanish. See them here:

  3. John, Thank you for posting this. We are having our family reunion in July 2008 and you have provided more information than I had.
    My great-great grandfather was Donaciano Serda. My great grandfather was Encarnacion Serda, Sr. My grandfather was Encarnacion Serda, Jr. My father spells Serda as is where most of his brothers and sisters spell it Cerda.
    We had a family reunion for the descendants of Donaciano and Lorenzita back in June 29, 2002 and they spelled their last name Cerda.
    I found the 1880 Census with Donaciano’s name spelled Serda.

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