Cano, Serna, Rios, Rodriguez – General Teran Christenings

Nuestra Senora De La Soledad, General Teran, Nuevo Leon
Christenings, Film # 1389162, Batch C646441

The following records were viewed on microfilm and transcribed by me in early 2007.

03 Jul 1796
MARGIN: “Jos Ma____ espanol Dolores(?)”

“…Josse Maria espanol ___ ___ ___ hijo legitima de Jose Sisto Blanco y de Ma Rosalia Cano vesino de este valle en Dolores…”

PADRINOS: Dn Jose Garcia Davila(?), Ma Theresa Garcia Davila

NOTE: Accd to my notes , I thought the name Blanco could also have been Nolasco, Polanco, or Balasco.

26 Jun 1786
MARGIN: “46 Ma Dorothea Nepomocena collota”

“…a una Ynfanta collota de viente dos dias de nacido i _____ Maria Dorothea Nepomocena hija legitima de Francisco Rios y de maria Calletana Cano vesinos del Rancho de Penitas de…”

PADRINOS: Jose Simon Rios, Maria Ygnasia Rios

NOTE: The two padrinos may have been siblings and possible cousins of the father Francisco Rios. Manuel Rios & Ramona Osuna had children by the names of Simon & Ygnasia, thoush she would have been only about 14 at the time of this christening. That’s young, but not too young to marry; so it may not have been too young to be a godparent. The padrinos in this record seem to tie this Rios family to that of Manuel Rios. Given his aproximate age, he may have been Francisco’s uncle.

23 Feb 1787
MARGIN: “31 Jose Antonio espanol”

“…una Ynfanta Espanol de ocho dias de nasido… Jph Anonio hijo legitimo de Juan Bauptista Zerna y de Ma Candelaria Cano vexinos de Rancho Penitas…”

PADRINOS: Josef Francisco Rios, Ma Cayetana Cano

NOTE: Padrinos were married and were my ancestors. This record seems to tie the two families together quite clearly as relations.

11 Apr 1782
MARGIN: “Ma Dolores espano’a”

“…una infanta Espanola de beinte y un dias de nasida… Maria de los Dolores hija legitima de Jose Francisco Rios y de Ma Cayetana Cano vescinos del Rancho de Penitas…”

PADRINOS: Jose Cayetano Gonzales(?), Maria Josefa A(?)

NOTE: Padrinos may have been Jose Calletano Gonzales & Ma Josefa de Mata who m. 7 Feb 1780 in Montemorelos.

25 Mar 1802
MARGIN: “390 Anna Dominga mulata”

“…Anna Dominga mulata libre hija legitima de Bartolo Rodrigues y de Ma Luisa Pulido…”

PADRINO: Ma Ygnacia Rodriguez

NOTE: Parents in this record are probably my ancestors. Luisa’s name is usually given as Martinez.

29 Jun 1811
MARGIN: not copied

“…Ma Luisa Espita espanola P’a yja L___ de Don Visente Espita y de Maria Dolores Rios A.P. Don Bacino Epitia Maria Ygnacia M.A. Francisco Rios y Maria Calletana Cano…”

PADRINOS: Don Francisco Cano, Dona Teresa Rendon

NOTE: The maternal grandparetns named were my ancestors. The padrinos seem likely to be their sister & brother-in-law, and this record ties them to the family of Francisco Rios & Calletana Cano.


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