Martin Manning Slaves 1850 & 1860

Images of the following records were viewed online and transcribed by me in 2007.

1850 Slave Schedule
Wayne County, Georgia

Martin Manning

[Age, Gender, Race]

50, M, B (black)
25, F, B
13, F, B
11, F, B
9, F, B
5, f, B
3, F, B
2, M, B
2, M, B
1, M, B

NOTE: Total of 10 slaves belonging to Martin Manning. The oldest person, a 50 year old man, could be parent or grandparent of all others. The oldest female could easily be mother to all the younger individuals, though she would have begun having children at about age 12.

1860 Slave Schedule
Putnam County, Florida

Martin Manning

[Age, Gender, Race]

60, M, B (black)
15, M, B
14, M, B
10, M, B
8, F, B
5, F, M (mulatto)
2, F, B

NOTE: The oldest man is clearly the same person in the home in 1850. The next three oldest males in 1860 are obviously the youngest children from 1850. All six of the 1850 females have disappeared, though, at least one of them was having children up until 1858.


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